General information

Are you interested in robotics and are thinking about joining our association or are you interested in what we do? Below you can find more on what the RSA can offer you and what we expect from our members.

What we can offer you

The association is located in the attic of RoboHouse where we have an office space, a general area, and a storage room. The attic can be accessed throughout the day and is the main location for organizing events. Our office is a great place to study or to discuss your projects with likeminded students. The RoboHouse workshop and storage room facilities are available to our members to work on their personal or group projects.

The RSA board is always busy organizing events and activities and making sure you have everything you need at our association. Below you can find some more info on what you can expect at our association.


Borrels are organized on Thursday evenings and are a great time to hang out with friends or meet fellow robotics enthusiasts. Some of these borrels will also be interest drinks were we will invite certain studies who are interested in robotics or were you can bring friends who might be interested in the association.
Once a quarter we host a project evening during the borrel, where you can discover all of the active RSA projects and see what they are doing! Some projects will also be looking for new members, so these project evenings are a great place to look for a robotics project to join.


The RSA would not be called the Robotics Student Association if we wouldn't organize robotics related events. That's why we regularly organise hackathons, where groups of students try to build a robot in a limited amount of time to accomplish a certain goal. We try to choose the topics such that you can always contribute to the challenge, unrelated to which study you do.

Guest lectures and Discussions

During lunch time, you will have to opportunity to join lunch lectures and discussions. Robotics related topics / companies will be presented during lunch lectures where you can ask questions or simply have a information rich lunch. During the discussions, multiple companies or student projects will talk about a common topic while you listen or join the discussion.

Other activities

Some other activities we organize are, e.g., game nights and excursions. The occasional game nights are a great deal of fun were our members compete in ping pong tournaments, board games, or other competition based games. During the excursions we will visit robotics related companies to get a behind the scenes look at what they are doing. This is a great time to learn more about working at these companies or get inspiration for, e.g., manufacturing processes.


The RSA Newsletter is a weekly monthly quarterly yearly publication by TU Delft's Robotics Student Association. It contains hand-picked recent developments and latest news about robotics and adjacent fields. The Newsletter is open for submissions, whether project demonstrations or presentations on an interesting topic.

What we expect from you

The RSA encourages their members to be as active as possible, either by joining a project or a committee. This is of course not mandatory, you can also just join if you want to have a fun time surrounded by fellow robotics enthusiasts.


The RSA wants to support your projects. We do this by giving you access to a workshop where you can work on your project as well as our storage room to safely store your materials. Larger projects can even get their own room in RoboHouse!

You also have the possibility to join an existing project. More information about the projects we are currently associated with can be found on the projects page. These teams will also present their projects during project evenings where they will answer any questions you might have. If you want to start a new project and need inspiration, we organize brainstorm sessions for new members where we come up with project ideas together. This is also a great time to learn what other members are interested in and maybe start a project together.


If you want to help out the RSA, you can join a committee. This way, we can organize bigger and more events as well as improve the growth of the association. For more information on our committees and which positions are available, visit the committees page.