The RSA currently has four committees. By joining a committee you would greatly help the association and make it possible to organize bigger and more events as well as improve the growth of the association. On this page you can find the committee positions we are still looking for. If you are interested in one of these positions or you want to help a committee in general, you can signup through the form at the end of the page.

Each committee has been assigned a board member. Therefore you will receive support and help from the board and will be actively working together. The committees meet up weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the committee. The workload can be adjusted depending on your own schedule, expect 2 to 6 hours of per week.

Workshop committee (WoCo)

WoCo is concerned with the workshop, event space and storage facilities. You will work on getting the workshop more tools, safety rules, repairs and cool posters. The storage room needs to be organized so projects can store their hardware, as well as materials that can be used for future projects. Automation of general tasks is also included.

Open Positions

  • Attic manager:
    Design and transform the space of the association to the members needs. A hands-on role for improvements to the study, storage, chill and work space rooms. 
  • Equipment Manager:
    Keep our equipment organized, clean and in working order. Look for new tools for the association to expand out inventory. Demonstrated experience with tools or machines is preferred.

Activities committee (Akcie)

Akcie is concerned with organizing and evaluating activities like excursions and drinks. You’ll find speakers, companies and plan the activities and build up a backlog.

Open Positions

  • Student Activities Coordinator:
    Organize social activities to connect members with each other and build the community. This can include finding a speaker for the start of the borrel, organizing a board game, but also bigger events such as a day trip to a company or a pub quiz.
  • External events specialist:
    Pull the strings for and coordinate the external events. Think of a day trip to a company or going to a Robotic convention like Hannover Messe. Good organizational skills are required.

Communications committee (CommsCo)

CommsCo is concerned with public outreach, establishing new connections, and efficiency of internal communication. It's activities include reaching out to researchers for inviting them to lunch lectures or otherwise engaging them with RSA, and writing and publishing the RSA Newsletter. It is also responsible for the maintenance and updates of the website.

Open Positions

  • Content writer for RSA Newsletter:
    Join the newsletter team to produce engaging and informative content for the newsletter. The RSA Newsletter contains paper summaries, interviews with robotics researchers and engineers, and association announcements. Working as the content writer, you’ll be able to contribute in whatever way is most aligned with your interests.
  • Masterclass and lunch lecture manager:
    Manage the knowledge sharing in the association. Find out what robotics courses are useful for members by getting in touch with other students and professors. This task also includes getting in contact with interesting people and companies that can provide a unique lunch lecture. Communication skills are required.
  • Graphic Designer:
    Create posters and infographics for the association, develop its visual identification, and work closely with event coordinators to promote RSA events. Demonstrated graphics design experience preferred.

Projects committee (ProCo)

ProCo is concerned with managing RSA projects, organizing hackathons, incentivizing advancements in robotics research and design work in the organization, mentorship programs, design review groups and all other technical help.

Open Positions

  • Project operations manager:
    Kick-start and manage the robotics projects at the RSA. Typical project-starting process includes leading brainstorm sessions, organizing project teams, and guiding them within the association.
  • CHO, Chief Hackathon Officer:
    Lead the hackathon team, the inventory and acquisitions, and brainstorm challenge ideas and rules for RSA hackathons.