The RSA currently has five committees. By joining a committee you would greatly help the association and make it possible to organize bigger and more events as well as improve the growth of the association. On this page you can find more information on our committees. If you are interested in joining one of these, feel free to sign up.

Each committee has been assigned a board member. Therefore you will receive support and help from the board and will be actively working together. The committees meet up weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the committee. The workload can be adjusted depending on your own schedule, expect 2 to 6 hours of work per week.

WoCo (Workshop Committee)

WoCo is concerned with the workshop, event space and storage facilities. You will work on getting the workshop more tools, safety rules, repairs and cool posters. The storage room needs to be organized so projects can store their hardware, as well as materials that can be used for future projects. You will also help out with renovating the lounge area, to improve the general aesthetics of the attic.

  • Prepare and provide tools and materials that members can borrow and use.
  • Build useful things/technologies to improve the attic environment.
  • Create and provide a comfortable and encouraging setting in the attic.
  • Supervise and enforce safety rules in the workshop.
  • Keep the attic tidy and orderly.
  • Organize and monitor the inventory and the amount of tools and materials.

AkCie (Activity Committee)

AkCie is responsible for the organization of activities for members, be it fun, education or social drinks related. You will look for interesting speakers from companies or research institutes and organize events, e.g., excursions, lunch lectures, and workshops.

  • Organize and take care of social drinks, lunch/guest lectures and workshops.
  • Organize monthly social activities for members not related to education, or social drinks (such as excursions).

CommsCo (Communications Committee)

CommsCo is responsible for all media, communication and promotion related matters.

  • Designing promotional material such as flyers, goodies, merchandise and posters.
  • Managing the association Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Taking care of videos and photos during events.
  • Creating and distributing the newsletter.

ProCo (Project Committee)

ProCo is concerned with managing RSA projects, incentivizing advancements in robotics research and design work in the organization, mentorship programs, design review groups and all other technical help.

  • Assist projects in organizing/managing their work, finding mentors and provide technical help.
  • Providing access to knowledge, assistance or materials to projects.
  • Set up new projects and help them get started (create goals/milestones, find more members).

WebCo (Website Committee)

WebCo is responsible for developing and maintaining the website.

  • Develop new features for the website, front-end and/or back-end.
  • Adjust the content delivered to the website according to the needs of other committees such as AkCie and CommsCo.
  • Manage and implement databases for matters such as payments and member information registers.