Gijs Koning


Hey I'm Gijs! I'm currently in my first year of Computer Science master. I don't like working on websites but creating software to interact with the physical world is amazing.
The electives from Aerospace and Robotics Master help me in this direction. The only thing missing is to connect with people that also like Robotics.
Fortunately, I got the chance to help build the Robotic Student Association where I also meet a lot of interesting people. I hope to see you in the attic sometime to talk.

Leon Kehler


I am Leon, a 3rd year bachelor aerospace engineering student, currently doing a minor in electronics for robotics. I am especially interested in unmanned aerial or underwater vehicles, because they lead to an interesting engineering challenge, whilst removing the annoying requirements that a human pilot imposes, e.g. maximum acceleration, size, shielding from a hazardous environment, etc.
That is why I work part-time at LOBSTER Robotics.
I joined the RSA because it is a unique association that does focus on academics, but at the same time not on just one study program. In the same way that robotics are very interdisciplinary.

Mateusz Mazurkiewicz


I'm a third-year aerospace engineering student currently doing a minor in modern physics. I am also a member of the Next Generation Robotics program.
I love computers, and I want to use technology to build cool things and improve the human condition. Topics that interest me are AI alignment, neuroevolution, and physics. I joined the association to meet great people and support the robotics community at TU Delft.

Seppe Van den Bergh

Internal and External Affairs

I am Seppe, a 3rd year bachelor aerospace engineering student, currently doing a minor in electronics for robotics. What I am most interested in is space construction. I.e., designing robots that will work together to construct large objects in space that would be infeasible to do on Earth.
I joined the RSA to learn more about the different systems that are involved when designing robots and to be able to ask experienced students for their opinion on these topics.