In 2019, the Robotics Student Association was founded and the first steps were made to build a vibrant and useful community for students that have a special interest in robotics. With already more than 70 members, an office, a workshop, an event space, several successful activities such as hackathons and multiple cool project supported, we will continue our efforts to fulfilling our mission:

“Enable students to do robotics projects, by connecting them to companies, events and projects”.

We hope to provide a time filled with fun, social and meaningful activities to our members sharing a common passion. You can support these activities by joining a committee, giving feedback, proposing ideas or setting up a project yourself!


July 2019

The RSA is founded as an association to connect the students of the Next Generation Robotics Honours Programme.

The start of the first year as an active association. The association has grown to 50 members. The first year would contain several interest drinks, excursions and lunch lectures.



The association starts its second year. Operating during a pandemic the members stayed connected with online lockdown lectures and fun digital game nights.

The third year with new opportunities. Lunch lectures, hackathons and new projects were organized. And finally real life gatherings were possible again.



The fourth board of the RSA is initialized and are already making progress towards a year full of robotics related activities and many new projects.