Unstoppable tank Hackathon

Our first hackathon was a big success!

RSA members engaged in a friendly competitions to unequivocally determine who's the best roboticist, share robotics knowledge, and have fun duct taping a breadboard prototype to a wooden plank.

Last december we hosted our first major hackathon open to anyone. Four interdisciplinary teams, consisting of students across all studies and interests, built 'unstoppable tanks' to oblitarate a model obstacle course. Designing an autonomous vehicle to complete a set of diverse challenges, most formidable of which was line following, everyone put their best to assemble a gravity-propelled vehicle with nothing but planks, bricks, duct tape, rubber, screws and an Arduino with a set of sensors. One day ended up a bit too short to properly engineer a solution for the challenge, but we had fun and learned a bit of engineering, be it writing Arduino code or designing a steering axis.

Now that the RSA has the know-how on how to challenge Delft's roboticist's with such a hackathon, our next hackathon will be even better: The predictive maintenance hackathon. Be sure not to miss any updates about this hackathon by following us on LinkedIn or regularly checking our website.