Dominique Nieuwenhuizen


Hi all! I’m Dominique, currently a first-year MSc student in Space Flight. I only joined the association last year, after being invited to the attic with my Robotics minor team: team Tetris (you can still find our project depicted on a poster in the office and in the RoboHouse hallway!), but have always gravitated towards robotics and engineering on both the theoretical and practical side.

As this year’s president, it is my responsibility to chair the board and enable proper functioning of the association as a whole. I look forward to leading the board and to keep improving the association with both my amazing fellow board members as well as all our current and future association members!

Luis Alcantara


Hi everyone! My name is Luis. I’m currently finishing my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. I did the robotics minor last year (Team Reinier de Graaf) and joined the association then too while I was doing the NGR honours programme. I joined the RSA because I didn’t know a lot of other robotics enthusiasts and I like to learn practical things by doing projects!

My role as secretary is to make sure all member related matters are handled and writing manuals and notes for the whole association. Besides that, this year I want to focus on event organization such as lunch lectures, themed borrels, educational workshops, guest lectures, social events and company excursions so the RSA can become a place where people can learn but also have fun and meet other people!

Ioannis Georgiades


Ahoy! My name is Ioannis, but I will respond to John as well! I am in the 3rd year of my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I only joined the association last year after hearing about it from a friend. I was born and raised in Cyprus and chose to study CSE because I love algorithms and solving puzzles!

I am the treasurer of the RSA for the current academic year because rock beat scissors, meaning I will be responsible for all the money going in and out of the association. Besides that role, I will have many responsibilities related to the project’s organization, projects which are hosted, funded, and supported by our association!

Alexander James Becoy

Internal and External Affairs

Hi there! The name is Alex, Alexander James. I’m currently in my first-year of MSc Robotics. I first learned about RSA from a poster in my student dorm, have always been interested in robotics and it is my ambition to create all kinds of cool robots. That is why I joined the RSA and been enjoying being there ever since.

As the Commissioner of Internal and External Affairs, I oversee the attic and workshop and ensure the safety thereof. What’s more, I contact and discuss with companies, partners and organizations for sponsorship and future collaborations. All in all, I will do my best to work on making RSA a greater and more enjoyable student association, assist our members in creating amazing robotics projects and to enjoy being here!

Old Board

Board 3


President - Gijs Koning
Secretary - Mateusz Mazurkiewicz
Treasurer - Leon Kehler
Internal and External Affairs - Seppe Van den Bergh

Board 2


President - Stephan Rutten
Secretary - Irmak çelebi
Treasurer - Abel Van Steenweghen
Internal Affairs - George Kovar
External Affairs - Kenrick Trip

Board 1


President - Jasper Jonk
Secretary - Stephan Rutten
Treasurer - Kenrick Trip